Caption: Two full disk images taken by the X-Ray Telescope aboard Hinode are taken one solar rotation apart. In the center of the left hand image are NOAA active regions 10931 and 10932. A rotation later the active regions have disappeared, but their effect is still noticeable in the long quiet sun loops. Yohkoh experts can comment on whether this was commonly seen by SXT. This type of evolution was seen in Skylab, though not this clearly (1982; ApJ 266, 359-365).

Hinode 5
Exploring the Active Sun

Student Travel Award

We are pleased to announce six SPD/AAS student travel awards, funded by the NSF, in the amount of $500 each, for attendance at the Hinode 5 meeting. Both undergraduates and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Students must be attending a US university. To apply please send the following to Kathy Reeves (, no later than 5pm (EDT) May 13, 2011:

  1. Name, university, address, major, education level, science grade point
  2. A short (1 paragraph) essay on your reasons for wanting to attend the Hinode 5 meeting.
  3. One letter of endorsement from a supervising scientist. (Letters or e-mails may be sent separately to the above address.)
  4. Enclose an abstract and deliver either an oral or poster presentation at the meeting. Abstracts should also be sent through the usual channels.

Decisions will be made by June 6, 2011.

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