Caption: Two full disk images taken by the X-Ray Telescope aboard Hinode are taken one solar rotation apart. In the center of the left hand image are NOAA active regions 10931 and 10932. A rotation later the active regions have disappeared, but their effect is still noticeable in the long quiet sun loops. Yohkoh experts can comment on whether this was commonly seen by SXT. This type of evolution was seen in Skylab, though not this clearly (1982; ApJ 266, 359-365).

Hinode 5
Exploring the Active Sun

October 10 - 15, 2011
Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Hinode, the 3rd Japanese led international solar mission, is improving our understanding of the mechanisms that power the solar atmosphere and drive solar eruptions. Launched in 2006, the Hinode satellite is an international collaboration of space agencies, industry and research organizations dedicated to measuring solar magnetic fields. The Hinode-5 meeting will bring scientists from all over the world together to discuss breakthroughs in our understanding of the Sun and the origins of space weather events as we approach the next maximum in solar activity.

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